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DC powering of Internet certifies for telephony
Published in proceedings from: TELESCON The Third International Telecommunications Energy Special Conference, 2000, May 7-10, 2000, Dresden, Germany.

The Internet and broadband society needs a new form of power distribution
Published in proceedings from: INTELEC 03, The 25th International Telecommunications Energy Conference 2003, October 19-23, 2003, Pacifico Yokohama, Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama, Japan.


UPN publication archive contains many of the reports, proceedings and articles that have been published by us or our associates over the years         




UPN regularly publishes contributions to the debate in order to raise public interest in the important need for reserve power. The articles have been published in daily newspapers as well as in journals and conference publications.

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UPN has worked for Elforsk AB (Electricity R&D Center) and together with companies associated with Elforsk and others, such as universities and consulting companies, in numerous commissions concerning electric power quality, vulnerability and development of electricity distribution and primary power. Some of the reports are available in public, being published here on the UPN web. They may be downloaded clicking the links below.

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The UPN archive contains both articles in English and in Swedish.
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"Impact of the 2003 Blackouts on Internet Communications."
Cowie, J., Ogielski, A., Premore, B., Smith, E. and Underwood, T. November 2003.

Conclusions of "Impact of the 2003 Blackouts on Internet Communications".
Cowie, J., Ogielski, A., Premore, B., Smith, E. and Underwood, T. November 2003.

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