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The managing director:
UPN AB works for a safer, more robust and less vulnerable society. The computerization and the increasing use of IT, telecommunication and Internet together with other augmented use of electricity brings about a severe dependence on electricity and telecommunication, thus making our society very vulnerable.
This trend leads to new and higher demands on reliability of the operation and of the infrastructure of electric power and telecommunication supply. Accordingly, there is a need for new concepts, products and services in the fields of power distribution, IT structure and emergency power supply. Up to now, the emergency power supply has been a private business, but in order to meet the new demands it should be made public.

Straight out, the emergency power supply has to become more cost efficient and more easily available in order to meet the new demands. We suggest and develop new and better solutions for the electric power supply of critical infrastructure. Our vision is  reduction of the vulnerability and energy consumption by means of public emergency power and an adapted IT infrastructure including DC 350V-400V UPS-systems.

                                           John Åkerlund
                                            Managing Director

In order to achieve the goal, UPN works with the development and marketing of:
• New public distribution systems for electric power, critical for the users
• A new system for uninterrupted power, based on the use of universal current and direct current for the purpose of reserve power, also facilitating the use of solar energy and other primary energy sources.
• A new concept and products for installation of broadband communication and reserve power in dwellings and small offices

In addition, UPN offers consultation services in the fields of:
• Electric power and systems
• Reserve power systems
• Electric power supply
• Electric power supply quality
• Vulnerability of power and IT infrastructures
• Build-up of the new IT infrastructure with local networks for broadband access

Please, check out the UPN Archive for reference material.

A smart grid - Investigation of a micro DC grid in Glava Hillringsberg

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